Speaking and Consulting

We have extensive experience both nationally and internationally providing speeches, workshops and consulting to parents, educators, professionals and industry. This includes the development and delivery of educational and outreach programs to a wide range of audiences.

For more information, please contact Dr. Cheryl Olson.

Sample presentations

  1. Bullet2nd International Congress of Technology Addiction, keynote address, Istanbul, Turkey, 27 October 2013

  2. BulletGuns in America: Cultural Legacy. Brown University’s Janus Forum, Providence, RI, March 2013.

  3. BulletWhat the Tech? Guiding Kids in the Digital Age, Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, January 2012 (Olson)

  4. Bullet5th Vienna Games Conference: Future and Reality of Games, October 2011 (Olson, Kutner)

  5. BulletPEGI Congress, Malta, November 2010 (Olson)

  6. BulletWorld Leisure Congress keynote address, ChunCheon, Korea, August 2010 (Olson)

  7. BulletGames for Health conference, Boston, MA, May 2010 (Olson)

  8. BulletLearning & the Brain: Enhancing Student Memory & Performance in this Distracted, Digital Age at MIT, Nov. 20-22, 2009 (Olson)

  9. BulletConsumer Culture & the Ethical Treatment of Children conference, Michigan State University, Nov. 12, 2009 (opening keynote, Olson)

  10. BulletResponsible Gambling Conference, Nova Scotia, Oct. 5-6, 2009 (Kutner)

  11. Bullet3rd Vienna Games Conference: Future and Reality of Games, Austria, Sept. 25, 2009 (opening keynote, Olson)

  12. BulletGames+Learning+Society Conference, Madison, WI, June 2009 (Kutner)

  13. BulletDr. Olson on X-Play (G4 Network), Dec. 2008

  14. BulletPenny Arcade Expo, Seattle, 2008 (Cheryl Olson)

  15. BulletAmerican Psychological Association convention, Boston, 2008 (Kutner & Olson)

  16. BulletM.I.T. Comparative Media Studies, 2008 (Olson & Kutner) - listen to podcast

  17. BulletNCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction, Las Vegas (Larry Kutner)

  18. BulletMontreal International Game Summit, 2008 (keynote - Kutner & Olson)

  19. BulletIowa Governor’s Conference on Substance Abuse and Gambling, Des Moines (keynote, Larry Kutner)

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Dr. Olson receives the 2011 F.R.O.G. Award (Future and Reality of Gaming) in recognition of her research and media outreach on youth and video games, at the Vienna City Hall, Vienna, Austria.